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What a crazy June 2023

June recordings have been really strong and steady melodies. I think because of all the water movement and photosynthesize as the plants are really starting to take off for the most part. I feel like I get better recordings when the plants are well watered. In fact sometimes I feel called to water them a bit before I do the recordings on hot, hot days. Which makes sense to me, we all get thirsty standing out in the heat. Who doesn't love a drink water in the middle of the day?

This year we have been hit heavy with the smoke from Canada's fires besides the smoke from a local fire and one up in northern Mn. This must have an effect on all wild life including our plants and trees. It hits us very fast on some days when the sky is thick with haze and the smell of burning. My heart aches for our trees, our plants, our animals, birds and fish and our waters. They are stuck in it 24/7 and are far more sensitive in my opinion.

I hope that many people are planting a lot of hemp and cannabis this year to help provide some relief to our air and soil. I wonder what plants will dominate next spring after the long summer of the continued smoke rolling down from Canada all summer long or until the rain or snow puts them out. I honestly can't imagine the devastation to everything in immediate area of these fires. Mother Nature, We Are Sorry, Please Forgive Us, Thank You, We Love You!! Mother nature Loves You! Now Is The Time To Love Her Back, with Everything Your Heart Can Give!!!!!! Prayers Up!!!

We have a few new sounds sets to help kick off the July recordings. I hope you have gathered a bucket list of plants and trees you would like to listen to... The more I record it seems the longer my list of hopefuls to record grows. What a blessed problem to have. Nothing like a plant calling to share its melody to lift ones mood and turn a moment around. Plants get moody too and I think when we say hello and talk with them it can lift their mood. A little conversation and a clean fresh drink of water (sometimes) can go a long way, you would really be surprised to see how far plants and trees communications can go.

I don't want to say to much but I think July has the potential to be an incredible journey of plant and tree recordings that are going to move our souls in some incredible ways. I honestly do no know who is more excited the plants and trees, the Angels or myself. I am so grateful for this journey and I hope I don't disappoint you.... Don't forget to say extra I Love You's to Mother Nature this Summer!!

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