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Happy Fall Season

Happy Fall Season Everyone! Here in Minnesota, the changing tree colors have been exceptionally beautiful! Seeing all the golden yellows to sunset reds and browns shimmering in the woods feels so very warm and cozy. Soon enough, most of the tree branches will be bare and covered in snow. With every falling leaf we get a clearer view of the green pines standing so proudly all along the hillsides and valleys. You may have missed them amongst the green forest of the trees in summer but now they are a beacon of hope and wonder.

This time of year, in MN the outside plant and tree recordings come to an end until Spring. I am so grateful to share these moments with Mother Nature as we both get ready for the change of season. For me, I find the message/melody different in the spring compared to the fall. Well, honestly I find each recording different, just like I find every conversation with someone different. The Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse have really charged up the energy all over the place. It certainly opened the door for some unique recording opportunities. I think recording Miigwech Stagg/Waterfall Giant Sequoia and my other Giant Sequoia Tree in the Crystal Sky Therapy space outside, during the Solar Eclipse, ranks high on my favorites.

This whole year has been a dream in so many ways. Yes, its a weird year on this planet but it has brought many blessings as well. Plant music in this way is very new for us and the plants. However, there is something so familiar and common nature about the entire experience. We don't need a Plantwave device to listen to Mother Nature but it sure is fantastic to do so! MOTHER NATURE LOVES YOU!

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