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A mother and child together ~ Fieldbrook Coast Redwood Tree Clones

The recording is amazing. Imagine this, your in the nursery of Championship giant tree clones recording tree music with the mother clone from the once thought dead, "Fieldbrook" Coast Redwood tree having the time of your life! When Jesse asked if two trees could be recorded together in separate pots. I was not sure if this work but I was more than willing to give it a try.

Jesse picked out a beautiful baby clone from the Fieldbrook mother tree and it next to her mother. I am not going lie, I was little bummed when there was nothing happening, no music. Jesse had to get back to work before I tried the next method which resulted in a really special recording. I placed the potted baby tree right in her mothers pot, so their branches were touching. I carefully hooked up the Plantwave to both branches at the same time and then the magic happened. A mother and her baby recorded together.. I am not crying......

I am at a loss for words! What a beautiful recording.... You are missing out if you don't go and listen to their message, their melody and their love.

Much Love and Gratitude

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