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Archangel Ancient Tree Archive ~ The place of legends, living hope and a peace of heaven on earth

Where has the short summer gone so fast this year? It went by to fast for me. I long for those childhood days that seemed to last forever. The days when planting seeds required tons of patience watching for the first sprout to appear showing signs of life. Now it feels like your harvesting weeks after planting. Except for planting trees. Planting trees is a moment that most often will last longer than we do.

Last month I set out on an adventure of a life time to visit David Milarch and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive in Michigan. You bet it was to record some of the coolest living trees on the planet. When you walk through their door you immediately slow down as you are greeted with an indescribable warm welcome! All of your senses become aware in a rich connection, leaving the brain scrambling to catch up in the moment. Time perception had most assuredly shifted as we nonchalantly strolled through the tops of the Great Sequoias, Coastal Redwoods and other tree clones to get to the office. Talk about patience awaiting the first sprout, the Fieldbrook tree clone must have felt like forever, but also most humbling moment when they first signs of life! ~ the Fieldbrook tree story

I can't wait to share with you all the incredible recordings from this journey. You are going to love them. I have a few of them out already and love, love, love them. This is the perfect time to share with you some really cool plant/tree music artists, Cosmic Knot. I have not had the pleasure to meet Tom Wall and the group but I have had the pleasure to hear their plant music. These are two videos of Cosmic Knot recording with these angelic trees and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Just, WOW!

Climbing a Giant Musical Sequoia Tree!!!

The First Song Played By A Giant Redwood Clone At The Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

To all the tree and plant lovers, to all the tree and plant huggers and to all the plant tree and plant communities ~ please considering adding your support and love to help "Propagate the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone. Archangel Ancient Tree Archive" Every donation truly goes to the trees and your gift is tax deductible. You can even have a championship tree planted in your name or your loved ones name. They love the trees so much and all they want to do is save these champions and reforest our earth..

If you would like more hands on information maybe the tree school is right for you and your community! From Prayers to Planting, the Giant Sequoias and Redwoods Champion trees need your Love, Gratitude and Support to stay alive, before its to late. I love being a part of something greater than myself. I know you will feel the love too when you share your support.

One thing we can do is to record their music and share it with everyone. I am beyond humble to have been able to record their music and messages. The recordings turned out fantastic, absolutely beautiful! May I suggest getting comfortable, closing your eyes and really listening to each recording with all your senses. These trees are giving us everything they have, they pulled out all the stops and they have traveled hundred of miles just to grow for us, for this planet and of course for God! The least we can do is listen... Mother Nature Loves You!

David Milarch and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive and the Team are really something else, just some great people. I am most grateful for this opportunity and loved every minute of it! I seriously can't Thank them enough! Here is one of the recordings from the Fieldbrook Tree clone at Archangel Ancient Tree Archive!

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy ! First Germinated Over 3,000 Years Ago Fieldbrook Coast Redwood July 12, 2023

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