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Welcome to Melodies of Our Plants

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Hello and Thank You for stopping by the new website for Melodies of Our Plants.. It has been a great year to get out and record the melodies of our plants, trees and mushrooms and its not over yet. There is a lot of fun times happening and I can't wait to share them over the winter season. I am so obsessed with listening and recording our plants because every one of them are amazing..

We will making a lot of up grades and changes over here in the next month or so. We decided to make a dedicated YouTube channel, FB group and website just for the plant melodies and happenings so it is easier to find and share. Thank You for love of Mother Nature and your patience. We have a lot of videos already to move over to the Youtube channel so if you subscribe, and we hope you do, the video uploads will slow way down in a week or two but in the meantime it will be raining plant melodies videos.

Honestly a 3 minute recording or even 1 hour is just a brief glimpse into the message, the connection and the love our plants have for us and we need to listen more. There are so many ways to we can listen and this is just one of them. Mother Nature Loves You and she is reaching out in everyway she can. She is so grateful that we are listening... Mother Nature Loves You Too!

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