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The Trees of Summer

Its the end of August and my mind has been heavy in thought about our trees and sweetgrass. My town has lost well over a 1000 trees this summer. I am sure many people have planted trees here but not nearly close to what we have lost. I live in the area of "The Big Woods" so trees have always been a part of my life. If I had the land I would plant a tree for every tree that I know was cut down. I am not against tree harvesting and I know there are many reasons some trees need to be cut down. However I think its our human duty to replant that which we harvest and to be honest planting trees does something magical for our souls. Its moves our spirit in beautiful ways that you can only experience for yourself. There is bond between us and Mother Nature that is far greater than we will ever know in this life. Do yourself a favor and plant a tree and even better when you include family and friends.

I have a goal in the 4 weeks to record some of our oldest trees in my area before the trees settled down for the changing seasons. Most trees that I have tried to record in the winter go dormant and I get nothing but pure silence. Everything in the trees slows down so much that my current Plantwave picks up nothing. The trees don't stop connecting with us during the winter they stop communicating in this way. Its true though, their music can felt on the recordings anytime you feel like connecting with them. I Love to relax, close my eyes and just listen. Its so relaxing and helps me sleep better. I would love to hear your experience with tree music.

There is a bunch of tree music available right now and a lot more is coming. Grow Trees Grow! Mother Nature Loves You!

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