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The Spring Of Change

Where did April and May go so fast? It felt like we waited extra long for outdoor spring planting this year. Luckily, I was able to record the rescued snow trillium this year. It was on my plant recording bucket list and such a beautiful way to kick off the outdoor recording season.

This is the spring of change for everything it seems from the woodlands and gardens to personal growth and expansion. I even ended up moving the rescued Lady Slippers. They were in too much sun, causing them grow slow and small. While other slippers in my area are blooming, mine are hardly a few inches tall. I am hopeful next year I will be able to record them in bloom again. Some of you may have been hearing some the new Cherry Blossom Tree melodies and will be happy to know she is blissfully planted in a wide open space. She is thriving and growing a little everyday. I think all the trees in the area really love her so far too. In a few years when she starts to bloom, everyone driving by will get to see her beauty and receive a shot of love to their heart.

Always remember you do not need a fancy device to communicate with Mother Nature! This is only one of the millions of blessed ways to hear her. You can listen with your heart, you can listen with your spirit, you can listen while your touching your favorite flower or tree, you can listen with your body while enjoying your meal, you listen in your dreams and so on. If there is a plant or tree you would love to hear their music and I have not recorded them yet, please find other ways to communicate. Mother Nature Loves You and is always wanting to share with you. All you have to do is be open it to receiving with love and gratitude.

Mother Nature is getting louder in the ways she reaches out, louder and stronger. Its not just in your mind that you want to get out more in the woods, the waters and in your gardens. Its not a coincidence you have felt urges to growing your own food, flowers and trees. You may notice a special flower is extra vibrant, the trees seem to waving so much it looks like they are trying to flag you down and the animals are evening stepping up into the spot light, literally.

Don't be shy this year! Get out and walk in the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Get Your Feet Wet! Walk barefoot in lush grass! Plant something you can water and care for! Reach out and touch the trees branches and just be free for moment! Of course, we want you to listen to plant melodies and share them with your family, friends, community and co-workers. Listen while your studying, cleaning, cooking and hanging out. I know I say it too much but I really think we need to be playing plant music in hospitals, nursing homes, prison and jails, recovery and metal health centers and so on.

I hope you are enjoying the plants and trees music as I am! Hearing them in this way is beyond the word, beautiful! It truly is a scared gift we have been given in these times. We have some super fun and interesting recordings planned for this summer but I don't want to jinx it, so you will just have wait and see.... Thanks for listening to the plant music. I would love to hear from you and what you think about the music, where did you listen and how you felt.

The plants and I are wishing you a plantastic Spring! Don't forget, Mother Nature Loves You!

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