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The Honeysuckle Recordings

This one and the other Red Honeysuckle really called me to record them. I don't know if it was because I wasn't thinking of recording them or if it was really excited about being recorded. Some plants get loud and dare I say demanding, lol in the sweetest way though. It was not as demanding as some of the Redwood Trees or touchy as the Marshmallow plant but it was persistent to say the least. In fact I think about them every time I am in their neighborhood. I can almost guarantee that I will be recording them again this summer.

What plants call out to You? What plants and trees stay on your mind? Do you ever wonder why we get the urge to reach out and touch plants and trees? It really makes me wonder about plants like burdock and what it is giving us. I mean, if you walk by a burdock bush there is a great chance you will get it stuck all over your clothes and hair. You can not help to think about the bush as you try a pull those sticky little things off. It feels like they do everything in their power to hang on to you. In fact if your not careful the ones you already pulled off will gladly leap back on you and hang out as long as you let them. I think I shall ask the Burdock Bush why they do this the next time I record them.

Hope your having a blessed spring so far. Mother Nature Loves You!

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