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Spring is in the air!!

Yesterday was Spring Equinox and that gets almost everyone excited! More sunshine and the promise of green as the snow piles slowly melt softly back into the earth and the water ways. If you are lucky enough to live in area that has clean snow it is the perfect time to collect enough snow snow for some coffee, tea or even to add to your bath water. There is something magical about a glass of water from melted snow, so energizing and fresh. I am not sure if I love fresh melted snow or the artisan well water from some of Minnesota's finest areas.

I am working on some Bok Choy plant music videos this morning and I am reminded how unique each plant really is. This plant is very connected to each other. I was able to record from 2 different stalks of Boc Choy, together. I think it was the celery stalks that I could only record using 2 different stalks. Just an interesting note, not all plants allow us to listen to them in the same way.

Each plant reacts differently, in my opinion, when you hook up the sensors and begin playing the music. Some even take a while to warm up to the situation. I do find it best to talk with each plant first, explain whats going on and make sure they are ok with it. Yes, some plants and trees do not want to communicate with us in this way. Perhaps its the mood of the day, or the time of day I am recording? I don't know. What I do know is if a plant doesn't want to be recorded it's best to just move on. However Bok Choy loves to with you, it loves to connect with you and it loves it when you touch it with love and kindness. I was so surprised in the change in the plant music and it was instant. No one there was left wondering if we have a real connection with live plants.

Plantain was like this also. You could hear the change in the music right away when people touched it while listening. And yes, the music rhythm changed with each person who touched the plant. If you are in touch with changes with in yourself, you already feel this connection with every tree hug or soft touch of a flower. As always we are left with more questions than we have answers and I Love It! Mother Nature is filled with mystery and joy.

See if you can tell when someone touch the Boc Choy in this video.... Chinese White Cabbage ~ Bok Choy .

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