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Happy New Year 2023

I am wishing you a very blessed New Year full of Gratitude, Laughter and Mother Nature's Love! If you make one new year resolution this year may it be listening closer to the trees and with out question, planting a tree. I can't promise many things to you in this life but I can promise planting a tree is always food for the soul. Be sure to get all your family and friends that you can handle to join you. Planting a tree is a childhood memory most children will always remember.

There are hundreds of places you can plant trees including in planters to keep in your home! Most State Park Forests have sponsoring programs requiring the least amount of physical labor so all you have to do is send them so money. If your lucky like I am you can volunteer to help your State Park actually plant the trees. Other ideas are calling your city hall and inquiring if they have any tree planting programs by you. Ask your family, friends and neighbors if they would like a tree for their yard or business area. Schools, Churches and other local places are great places to ask. Truly I think the opportunities to plant a tree this is year is endless.

There is one place for me that stands out above others when it comes to planting trees and that is Archangel Ancient Tree Archive . David Milarch, the man who plants trees and his family and team are saving the Redwood Trees and so much more. Propagate the world’s most important old growth trees before they are gone. Check out their website to learn how We are creating living libraries of old-growth tree genetics. If you want to be a part of something great is it!!! AATA has developed a micro-propagation system for replicating old growth genetics that can be shared with partner facilities in other countries to produce literally millions of champion trees for reforestation globally. If you were to ask me what are my top 10 bucket list places to record plants, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is on high on that list.......

With all that being said, I woken up on New Years Day before the breaking of Dawn by Jr, my Giant Sequoia Tree to record the Dawning of the New Year 2023. My sleepy eyes dreamed of closing but the desire of Jr stirred a such a deep gratitude and feeling of love that I could hardly get up fast enough. One thing I have learned, when you listen to the trees the most beautiful moments are created. I sat down with some coffee as the sun finally began to rise over the snow filled river bank trees and tears rolled down my face as I realized what had just happened. What dreams woke you up this year? Mother Nature Loves You!!

Here is the Music and Message Shared with us from Jr the Giant Sequoia on the Dawn of 2023.... Hope you Enjoy!

Dawning Of A New Year 2023 Giant Sequoia Jan 1 2023

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