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Happy New Year 2022

I don't know about you but I am excited about this new year. I can't explain it but I feel like 2022 is going to be a really good year for us. If we are open to deeper ways of thinking, new understandings and learning to share love more, I think Mother Nature will amaze us.

As we listen to the Melodies of Our Plants let us become aware of all the ways our plants are reaching out to us. Close your eyes and feel all the places in your body responding to the plant melody you choose to listen too. Can you sleep better if you listen to a plant while falling asleep? Do you learn easier if you listen to a plant when studying? Do you feel better after you have listened to plants everyday for a couple months? Personally I feel plant melodies should be played every where healing is needed. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Treatment Centers, Jails and Prison's, Homeless Camps, Schools, Gardens, Day Care Centers and so much more. I could keep you here for hours suggesting places plant music would benefit. I think it will help with Alzheimer's , Preemies, ADHD, PTSD, Depression, Emotional Issues, Anger Issues, Loneliness and other health issues.

Honestly, I think 30 min of plant music a day will help with everything mind. body and spirit. If you are using or have considered using Essential Oils, Herbal Supplements, Whole Plant Extractions and just eating healthier please consider adding Melodies of Our Plants to your daily routine. I use it for background music all the time. We have over 400 plant recordings you can choose from so far. Mix and Match to what recordings call to you. Treat Yourself and Your Loved Ones to some plant melodies and connect deeper with Yourself and Mother Nature!

Mother Nature Loves You!

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