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From a winter blizzard to pouring rain

Loving Minnesota this time of year. Is it still winter, is spring popping in to say she is on her way? Will everything be melting this morning and freezing again this evening? Will the Northern Lights Storm again this evening and be covered by thick clouds? Will the Sweetgrass in the pots survive the long winter? How about the tree saplings? What new herbs is my friend planting in her gardens? What will they be growing at the farm this year? How soon will we be able to camp at the Mississippi River Headwaters with out freezing at night? A million questions are raining down this morning and I am loving the hope of everyone of them. What plants or trees are you hoping I can record this year?

Don't worry I still have plenty of new plant music to release before the days are filled with recording again. This year is going to be a game changer for recording because of the new features in the app from the Plantwave team!!! I plan on recording more foods being harvested and exploring the plants energy changes during the process. To be honest I was surprised by the results of harvesting tomatoes off the vine. I thought it would a dramatic shift and I somehow felt like it feel like a loss, if you know what I mean. I thought maybe the tomato would lose energy that would change the energy being picked up by the Plantwave but it didn't. The music stayed pleasant and loving, leaving me to conclude that when we harvest food with love and gratitude, our food loves us back!

Some other notes of interest is the roots and the different feeling one gets when listening to them. I think it also made a difference whether the roots were being harvested or replanted. The lady slipper roots are strong communicators which of course is true, the whole plant is in charge. The lady slippers will be the first to share their love and gratitude but on their terms and thats all you will get. Push a lady slipper to record when they are clearly over it and she just might shut down the whole thing. Learning to follow my instincts during the moments when I get a strong urge to record pays off in the greatest ways! I think there is a moment when I feel like I should stop recording a plant as well! Do you get any feelings like those when you are with your plants? Do you feel Mother Nature reaching out and saying, "Hello"? Do you think our food is better for us when we love it? Do you think you are better when your food loves you? Mother Nature Loves You and want you give you the best she has to offer? Are you giving her your best?

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