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February 2022

Where has this year gone in such a hurry? I hope Spring slows down a bit once it arrives. I have some awesome news to share!! Open Hands Farm had some new openings for this years CSA ~ Community Supported Agriculture and WE MADE IT IN! Their food is the best! It's all organic and grown with love and knowledge!

Last year I was so blessed to be introduced to Erin and Ben at Open Hands Farm. They allowed me to come out as a guest and record the plants and trees on their organic farm! I spent late summer and fall recording as many plants as I could and I loved Every Minute of it! This year I am going to be able to do recording as plant are sprouting and growing. We will get to tag along with the Lazy Herbalist as she tends to her spectacular herbal garden in the middle of the farm!

I have also been praying for Miss Emily to grow some more colored corn and gourds! I am have a lot of plant melodies from the farm to share before the growing season this year, so don't worry.

If you have anything like this in your community I fully suggest you give it a try, I am new to some of the food they may offer so I am looing forward to not only recording their melody before harvest but also trying some new food! Win Win for sure! Mother Nature Loves Us SOOOOOO Much!

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